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Whether you're a freelancer, rideshare driver, or independent contractor, our insurance policies provide the protection you need to keep your business thriving.
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Insurance Available Worldwide
Well, mostly just the U.S. But who's counting?
How it works?
Benefits built for flexibility: visit your doctor, pay out of pocket, and fill your wallet with reimbursements!
Visit a doctor
Simply visit any in-network doctor or healthcare professional. Your health is the priority, and we've got the perks to prove it.
Pay out of pocket
Easily cover your medical expenses out of pocket, and watch the magic happen. We've got your cash back waiting to make its grand entrance.
Get reimbursed
It's payday for your health! Submit your expenses, and let the reimbursement party begin. Because your wallet deserves a little extra love too.
Why choose GigEasy Health?
Choose our health insurance for a worry-free wellness journey. We've got your back. And your heart. And your knees. You get the point.
Easy to Use
Managing your healthcare is simple on our platform, ensuring you get the most out of your benefits with minimal stress.
Whether it's everyday check-ups or specialized treatments, you have the freedom to pick what works best for your health needs.
Our plan offers quality care at competitive prices, so you don't have to choose between your health and your wallet.
Extra perks
Cover your whole wellness journey with extra benefits like roadside assistance and personalized  health coaching with Textcoach®.
Safety Net
Our plan acts as a financial safeguard for unforeseen medical expenses, providing peace of mind for the unexpected.
What does this plan cover 
Focus on living your healthiest, happiest life without the financial hiccups. Your well-being, your way — GigEasy has you covered
Trade workers
General laborers, Carpenters, Electricians and many more.
Office workers
Rideshare, Last mile food and parcel, Truckers and many more.
Service workers
Doctors, Nurses, Personal Trainers, Veterinarians, assistants and many more.
Plan Pays
Hospital Confinment ICU admission
up to $3.500/year
up to $4.000/year
up to $22.000/year
Surgery/ Anesthesia
up to $1000/year
up to $1.000/year
Labs/ Xrays and advanced diagnostics
up to $150/year
up to $450/year
up to $550/year
Doctors office/urgent care/ER
up to $150/year
up to $450/year
up to $600/year
Emergency Room/Ambulance (Water/Air)
up to $500/year
up to $500/year
up to $2.500/year
Accupuncture theraphy and Wellness
up to $400/year
up to $475/year
up to $1.300/year
Outpatient mental Health and substance abuse
up to $4.500/year
up to $6.000/year
up to $9.000/year
Critical Illness with Cancer
up to $20.000/year
up to $40.000/year
New Born
1 Pregnancy
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Plus all of these exclusive benefits!
Included with all plans for no extra cost
Recuro - Telemedicine
Telehealth doctors diagnose acute and non-emergent medical conditions and also prescribe medications when clinically appropriate. Speak to a doctor within minutes from anywhere.
CuraLinc Text Coaching
Members get access to Textcoach® Advocates every hour of the day, every day of the year to provide mental health support in the moments you need it.
RxLess searches millions of medication prices and coupons from trusted prescription savings programs to help you save money and compare prices.
Roadside Assistance - NSD ($100)
Association members receive 24-hour emergency road service when your covered vehicle is disabled, including towing, mechanical, first aid, lockout services, delivery service, tire service, and battery service.
Family First
Members can be matched with an accredited Care Expert, working with a multi-disciplinary team of doctors, nurses, social workers, licensed counselors, and other professionals to ensure support for all aspects of your caregiving journey.
Good Path (Everest)
With Family First, you and your loved ones will be matched with an accredited Care Expert to serve as your dedicated point of contact. are Experts are part of a multi-disciplinary team of doctors, nurses, social workers, licensed counselors, and other professionals who work together to ensure all aspects of your caregiving journey are accounted for.
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